The Choice of Champions


An innovative tool that will carry your team all the way to the top.

Our mission

  • Objectively view the contribution of one player to the team.
  • Determine the objective rating of the player with all key parameters included.
  • Determine the rating of the whole team.

Our vision

  • SmartVolley is a unique investment for owners of ambitious volleyball clubs.
  • An exclusive investment which will help you win the league.

Software SmartVolley

Prediction & Simulation

  • SmartVolley simulates rallies.
  • Carries out simulations of individual performances as well as the overall performance of the team

Tracking & Scenarios

  • SmartVolley analyses various scenarios and points out the causes of a team’s success or failure.
  • Enables detailed tracking of aspects of play and the success rate as well as uncovering the hidden qualities of individual players

Statistics & Analysis

  • SmartVolley analyses every contact with the ball
  • Provides statistical data about your opponent.
  • Predicts the play patterns of your players and your opponent’s players

What do you get?

A unique advantage over the competition


Determination of best performing players

Optimal strategy

Win the league!

Buy and sell smart

Choosing the best players

More details
• long-term monitoring and analysis of players
• data relevant to the choice of players
• recommendations of players with the best price-performance ratio

Processing every contact with the ball

More details
• a unique software based on mathematical-statistical methods

Identifying attributes invisible or underappreciated at first sight

More details
• eliminating the risk of choosing the wrong player based on emotions or on one outstanding performance
• in the long-term SmartVolley cannot be fooled.

Offering the optimal game strategy

More details
• general rating or rating in comparison to a specific opponent


SmartVolley software came into being because of enthusiasm for volleyball and the need to do things differently – in a new, professional and revolutionary way. Essentially, we taught AI to understand volleyball. “We originally developed SmartVolley for the Czech volleyball club Lvi Praha. Why this club? I am the owner and main sponsor and I want to help my team reach the highest goals possible within a limited budget. At the same time, I want to enable other ambitious teams to reap the benefits of SmartVolley AI. I would be thrilled if we managed to create a strong international community of first-rate volleyball clubs that share an enthusiasm for the sport, that want to win and whose representatives would like to work together,” says Tomáš Janeček, the president of the Lvi Praha volleyball club and an ex-player himself.

The Lvi Praha club have set a goal for themselves to win the Czech league even with a limited budget. In November 2018 the club had the data but no way to analyse it. They needed someone to help them choose the players for the next season. “Tomáš and I connected through the Czech volleyball community and in two months we came up with the first simulation model. We refined it – mathematics and developer-wise – and implemented it in full for the purchase of players for the 2020/2021 season. From the very beginning we could see there was a lot of potential in this project and that is why the company SmartVolley was founded,” says Vojtěch Herrmann, data scientist and co-owner of SmartVolley.


Tomáš Janeček

Executive manager​​

“A great man is always willing to be little” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tomáš Janeček is a businessman, investor and visionary who likes synergy and connecting projects. He was one of the original partners of RSJ, a company that developed software for trading on international financial derivatives markets. The group manages a wide spectrum of investments which includes real estate, insurance, agriculture, energetics and biotechnology.

Tomáš is also a partner in Nano Energies, a company optimizing energy production and use with the help of modern technologies. SmartVolley was built upon Nano Energies’ expertise in mathematics, IT and technology.

Vojtěch Herrmann​

ProJEct manager

“There is no field which could not be improved by mathematics.”

Vojtěch is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague and has over 5 years of experience in banking, insurance, retail, pharmaceuticals and sports betting. In addition to managing SmartVolley he is working on two projects dealing with specialized mathematics in Russia and Malaysia.

In his bachelor thesis he statistically analysed to what extent football referees are influenced by social pressures and whether they tend to show favoritism towards the home team or the favored team. During his studies he started playing volleyball which he has grown to be as passionate about as he is about mathematics. In 2018, he developed the first version of the simulation volleyball model upon which he and Tomáš Janeček built SmartVolley.

Barbora Horníková

Data Scientist

“It is kind of fun to do the impossible.”
Walt Disney

Barbora is a student of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics, Prague. She manages data processing and further model development at SmartVolley. She has been actively playing volleyball for thirteen years. At the moment she plays for the University sports club of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. It was contacts with mathematicians and physicists that led to her dream job which connected the passion of her life to her field of choice.

Karel Bém​

Backend Developer​

“Once a person is, he should see to it that he is. And once he sees to it that he is, and once he is, then he should be what he is, and should not be what he isn’t, as it in many cases is.”
Jan Werich

Karel comes originally from Liberec; he went to grammar school in Český Krumlov and then to Metropolitan University Prague where he studied International Trade. He has been working in IT for more than fifteen years; first he tested apps and he later became a programmer for Mercer and Avast. He now works as a team leader and programmer at Nano Energies Trade.

His passion lies in badminton, in which he has been competing for over 20 years. He loves spending time with his family, coding, football, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

Karel was introduced to SmartVolley two years ago by Tomáš Janeček, the co-owner of Nano Energies. He became excited by SmartVolley not only because of its uniqueness but also because of the opportunity to work with top notch professionals.

Matěj Kovář​

Data Scientist​

“He who wants looks for a way; he who doesn’t looks for an excuse.“
Jan Werich

Matěj is finishing his studies of probability theory at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. Before SmartVolley he worked as a mathematics tutor and analytics consultant. He is enthusiastic about team sports and working at SmartVolley connects his two passions: sports and mathematics. In addition to sports and mathematics he composes music.

Jan Voříšek​

Senior Data Scientist

“Perfectionism is the enemy of perfectly adequate solutions.”

Jan is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University (Econometrics) and of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics. He is a consultant and codes mathematical concepts concerning energetics, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, image recognition and sports models. He has been working with SmartVolley since 2018.

Jan considers formal authority to be a hurdle in creative cooperation and likes open-ended activities which SmartVolley offers an abundance of.

Martin Skácel​

Backend Developer​

“If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Martin holds a master’s degree in Information Systems from Ostrava and after a short stint there he moved to Prague.  He began working for the then-small company Avast and spent over 10 years helping it grow. Afterwards he was taken on by another Czech start-up, Nano Energies, which has the potential to change the energetics market towards better use of sustainable sources.

The SmartVolley project is another milestone towards utilizing information technology, this time in the world of sports.

Martin specializes in backend technologies and databases. His hobbies are astronautics, new technologies and anarcho-capitalism.

Miroslav Oško

Backend and Frontend Developer

Miroslav studied Engineering Management and Logistics at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. He worked as an analyst and developer in companies such as Avast, ČKD and Rossman. He now works as a development team leader in the company Nano Energies. In the last few years his attention has been taken up by readily available and scalable custom-made backend systems and frontend software. His work is his hobby and his free time is spent experimenting with new technologies. Apart from IT technologies he is passionate about basketball, power walking and cycling. He likes good food.

Miroslav was approached by a colleague who introduced him to SmartVolley. An analytic approach to sports and sports results is something that he has never considered before; he appreciates working on the SmartVolley software very much.